5 McCobb Road, Dresden, Maine

(207) 737-8737

The Locavores Lair- Farmstand

Dragonfly Cove Farm raises goats, pigs, and turkeys. These products are available in the Farm Stand- The Locavores Lair.

Goat Milk Soap 

Goat meat is healthy and delicious. It can be purchased as individual cuts such as chops or ground meat or you can order a whole goat cut to your specifications ready for your freezer.  

Several pigs are raised each year. Some are sold as whole or half freezer pigs; the others are sold as chops, bacon, ham, ribs, and ground pork. 

Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving.

Pelts from the processed goats are tanned in PA and make luxurious chair throws, lap blankets, and car seat covers.