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Come Cook with Us!

A Real Maine Farm Experience!

Join a small (6-8) group of like minded foodies as you learn and create delicious foods in a large country kitchen.  Take time to visit with the goats and enjoy snacks and chatting about food, farms, or even the weather. Make new friends and learn new skills.

Each cooking class is led by a person with a passion for food and teaching. They love what the do and love sharing that knowledge with others.

Kaite Thayer

Sweet Treats

Kaite owns Thayer Treats in Bath Maine.  She is an amazingly talented self taught pastry chef and instructor. 

Diana Mosher

Cheese, Pies, Needhams

Diana started making cheese when she and her family had dairy goats. She has taught cheesemaking for years and has a multitude of tips and trips to make your cheesemaking effort a total success!

Mary Kate Reny

Fermenting Pickling

Mary Kate has been preserving food for years and recently completed Maine’s Cooperative Extension’s Master Food Preserver series.  After receiving a sourdough starter from a friend, Mary Kate has been fermenting all kinds of things! From kefir to kombucha, fermentation is a delicious and easy way to bump up both the flavor and nutritional value of food.  Join Mary Kate and learn how to both pickle AND ferment your favorite veggie. You’ll take home your own pint-sized jar with your ferment, including a pickle pipe and veggie weight.  

Chef James Doiron


Chef Dorian found his culinary passion at a young age growing up in Maine. Living on the coast, he explored the bounties the lan and sea had to offer. In his late 20s he opened his first restaurant in Portland. He went on to train with some of New England’s best chefs. It was his honor to prepare Julia Child’s 80th birthday dinner. Chef Dorian’s method has always been simple; in season and local. He currently lives on the Midcoast, teaching classes, occasionally catering special events, and hosting pop-up dinners. He will be sharing his passion for making fresh pasta with traditional methods

Joe Murray

Blue Ribbon Biscuits

Joe loves to make biscuits…and many other things!  Joe is determined that every student leaves with the best biscuits they have ever made! You too might get a Blue Ribbon!

Marge Kilkelly


Marge has been fascinated by Asian cooking ever since she received a gifted cookbook almost 50 years ago. She and Joe have traveled extensively in Asian countries and tried amazing foods at every stop. Eggrolls are her favorite class because they seem difficult and are very easy.  Fun food for all!