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The Goats of Dragonfly Cove Farm

We breed our Boer Goat bucks to percentage and Boer and Dairy does. Boer Goats were developed in South Africa as a meat goat, with a compact style, large body and great muscle development. Our bucks are bred to a variety of does including Saanen, Alpine dairy goats and even Cashmere does. The combination of dairy and Boer have created great growing kids that have plenty of high quality milk to sustain them.

Through Thyme for Goat, a cooperative met marketing effort we offer meat for sale from the farm as well as the Damariscotta Farmers Market on Friday mornings from 9 noon.

We also have a number of spring kids on pasture ready for custom orders for the freezer.

Please check out the Thyme for Goat website for more information about our marketing and partner farms.

We are proud to be Members of:

The Boer Goat Breeders of Maine
Empire State Meat Goat Association
Maine Farm Bureau
American Meat Goat Association (Regional Rep)
American Boer Goat Association
US Boer Goat Association

Our future herdsire
Duke at 4 months